The organic guest table : one of the main characteristics of Confluences.

Breakfasts at Confluences

At breakfast, a well-stocked table awaits you. Here, no buffet, everything is at the table at your disposal. Organic sesame- or sunflower breads…

Homemade jams 100% fruit and cane sugar, homemade apple juice, honey, farmhouse cheeses, regional products, fresh eggs… A treat to start the day.

Old recipes and new flavors *

Organic food, vegetarian on request : nature invites itself to the table.


The preparations vary of course throughout the year, depending on what nature and the garden offer depending on the season, but also regularly on specific themes: the spice round, unrecognized cereals, mushrooms.

“Forgotten” vegetables such as chard, parsnip, kohlrabi, arugula… and / or wild plants and berries, cereals, vegetable or fruit pies, poultry from our own breeding.


Dinner (3 services) : 20€ + drinks.


only on saturdays and for minimum 4 people, by reservation

The Guest Corner

Seating area, library, HIFI system, maps, binoculars, hiking tours… With our good knowledge of the region, we can prepare different tours for you, adapted to your wishes.