The « lavender » room

Chambre simple lavande

On the second floor, side of architectural heritage, with a beautiful view of the Basilica of Walcourtat sunset.
Bed 1 person, with possibility of a second bed.

Back the side “architectural heritage”, in a room whose name also comes of the dominant color of its decoration, based on a lime plaster according to an old method, which leaves apparent some original oak beams… From here, the fountain on the square seems really very small, but the location is ideal for enjoying the unique architectural heritage of the Basilica of Our Lady of Walcourt. The trained eye will recognize the different stages of the construction of the building, from the oldest elements in Romanesque style(11th-12th centuries) under the bell tower, to the newer parts in Gothicstyle since the construction was completed only in the 17thcentury.A characteristic compels attention: the spire of the bell tower with fourturretsand a bulb,identical replica(after World War I) according to plans from 1621.According to our hosts, this perspective brings peace and serenity: theyfeel here good, as protected…


Price for 1 night:

Price per night (2 to 4):

- 65 € per person - 55 € for a person
- 70 € for 2 people - 60 € for 2 people
- 95 € for 3 people - 85 € for 3 people
- 115 € for 4 people - 105 € for 4 people
Breakfast included Breakfast included

At only 5 km from B&B Confluences, discover the largest lakes in Belgium. The Lakes of Eau d'Heure offer more than 25 activities. They are an ideal meeting place for lovers of nature and sports.

Small town of medieval origin,Walcourt is built on an arrow hill overlooking the valleys of Eau d'Heure and of Eau d'Yves. Some vestiges still give the locality the typical configuration of a fortified city.

On foot, by bike, by car...Walcourt offers many opportunities for walking to explore landscape, cultural heritage, natural attractions or local products...

B&B Confluences offers modern comfort in a building of the 16thcentury (ranked among theelements of theMonumentalHeritageof Belgium).

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